Aesthetic Treatments | Avara Spa - Century City
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Aesthetic Treatments

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Indications Aim of treatment:

  • Reduction of fold between cheek and nose
  • Enhance lip contour and volume
  • Raise lip corners
  • Fill hollow under eyes
  • Fill hollow and lines on cheeks
  • Fill deep wrinkles

Number of syringes determined during consultation: additional; syringes will be at a reduced cost.


The Juvéderm® ULTRA range of products is a new generation of hyaluronic acid fillers from ALLERGAN . It is a specially formulated type of hyaluronic acid (HA) that exists naturally in your skin. It’s a natural, biodegradable gel that flows easily and smoothly into your skin, instantly filling out those troublesome lines leaving a smooth and natural look and feel.

Your skin’s natural moisture-retaining HA inevitably declines with age. This inevitable moisture loss creates lines around your lips and nose and reduces fullness around your cheek, jaw and lips, giving us an older, more tired look.The Juvéderm® ULTRA range of products can replace your skin’s lost HA, thereby moisturising your skin from the inside and assisting to give it elasticity and tone.It restores your skin’s lost volume and smooth away those facial lines.

The Juvéderm™ VOLUMA™ range is injectable hyaluronic volumiser that recontours the face to restore volume to chin, cheeks, and cheekbones that have become hollow or thin due to weight loss or age-related facial fat loss.The videos below demonstrate important concepts regarding skin aging and illustrate some of the uses of Juvéderm®



Frown lines
Crows feet-lines around eyes
Bunny lines-nose, chin(orange de peau)
Excessive sweating(underarms/palms/feet)
Gummy smile line
Smokers lines
Jaw line

BOTOX® contains Botulinum toxin type A, which is a chemical (neurotoxin) produced by the bacterium Clostridium Botulinum. It is used for the treatment of wrinkles and excessive sweating. It causes localised skeletal muscle paralysis by blocking the effect of motor nerves on skeletal muscles.


How safe is BOTOX®?
BOTOX® has been used safely and successfully just over 16 years for wrinkle therapy. No long term side effects have been attributed to the use of Botox. Short term side effects are minimal with temporary bruising localized at the area of injection being the most common. Eyelid drooping and blurred vision are extremely uncommon side effects that resolves in days to weeks.


Will BOTOX® injections give me a” frozen” look?
No, not if the correct dosages are used and the correct muscles are injected


Which areas of the face can be treated with BOTOX®?
Frown lines, forehead lines, crow’s feet being the lines next to and below the eyes, lines around the mouth, lines that appear on the neck with aging and other areas.


How long will the effect last?
Botox will last between 3 and 6 months, depending on the dose used and skin quality.


The following two videos show some of the more important points that have to be taken into consideration when undergoing Botox® treatment in the upper and lower face

Micro-needling / dermapen

(with NCTF anti-aging/brightening serum[FILORGA]

*PCI(percutaneous collagen induction) Micro-needling facilitates the skins natural growth and healing without causing scarring and permanent damage. The micro-needling is performed under topical anaesthesia. The primary function of this treatment is to cause microscopic breaks in the blood vessels below the skins surface(epidermis). As a response growth factors are released. Growth factors promote the body’s own production of collagen and elastin. A course of treatments (minimum 6 usually) can result in the ff:


Smooth skin
Large pores
Stretch marks
Smokers line around the lips
Sagging skin


R450 per consultation
R300 for follow up

Integrative/holistic wellness Doctor
Dr Jayvant Bhagattjee
Consultation R490
Follow up (within week of consultation) R350
Acupressure/Cupping or other add on procedures to consultation R150

Total number of sessions needed:
4 – 6 sessions monthly

10 sessions for stretch marks

Cost per session
R2000 for face (prepaid 4 sessions @R7000)

R2500 incl. neck & bust area
(prepaid 4 sessions @ R9000)